Case Study

Unlocking $150k of new revenue for a Streetwear Brand in 7-Months

Our client, a well-established brand operating across New Zealand & Australia, faced several challenges in their digital advertising efforts:

The challenge

  1. Inefficient Campaign Structure - Their existing campaign structure mixed branded and non-branded keywords, making it challenging to assess the true cost of acquisition for non-branded searches.

  2. Lack of New Customer Acquisition - Most of their sales were generated from branded keywords, indicating a strong offline and organic presence. However, this limited their ability to attract new potential customers.

  3. Shopping Campaign Complexity - Their shopping campaign targeted all products without utilising subcategories, resulting in inefficient budget allocation and the absence of negative keyword exclusions.

  4. Low Visibility for Non-Branded Keywords - The client's ads were not ranking well for non-branded keywords, allowing competitors to dominate search results.

  5. Unprofitable Meta account setup and structure - There were a lot of overlapping audiences, which meant that the ad spend was double spending in some cases. They also had a lack of creative testing and weren’t using dynamic product ads.

The solution

Our team proposed a comprehensive solution to address these challenges:

Google Paid Search account and campaign restructure

  • Separate branded and non-branded keywords into distinct campaigns to calculate the true cost of acquisition.

  • Create focused campaigns targeting high-performing keywords that drive revenue.

  • Implement Dynamic Search Ads with an increased daily budget and test them across multiple categories.

  • Isolate Dynamic Search Ads into their own campaign with negative keywords to prevent wasteful spending on generic or irrelevant keywords.

Shopping Campaign Optimisation:

  • Divide the shopping campaign based on product categories and allocate budgets accordingly.

  • Implement negative keyword exclusions to reduce wasted ad spend and attract more relevant traffic.

  • Focus on improving visibility for non-branded keywords by restructuring keywords based on priority, margin, and relevancy.

Meta funnel build

  • We created a segmented funnel that reduced overlapping audiences

  • Ran each part of the Meta funnel independently of each other with specific ROAS goals

  • Implemented third-party server-side tracking that made sure we were accurately recording sales data to make decisions

The results

  • Total Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Achieved a remarkable 7x ROAS across all paid channels.

  • Platform-Specific ROAS:

  • Facebook: 10.4x ROAS

  • Google: 4x ROAS

  • Pinterest: 12x ROAS

  • Online Sales Growth: Witnessed a 13% growth in online sales, equivalent to $150,000, within just 7 months (vs. previous period )

  • Average Order Value: Improved by 5%.

  • Online Sessions: Experienced a 14% increase.

  • Conversion Rate: Boosted by 3%

"From the start, Digital Chapter impressed me with their professionalism, expertise, and dedication. We faced some challenges together, but Digital Chapter's team worked tirelessly to overcome them. They were responsive, proactive, and always went the extra mile to ensure my success. Digital Chapter helped me immensely with their digital marketing strategies. Through targeted ads and effective campaigns, they significantly boosted my business's growth. I was amazed to see the results they were able to achieve, and the numbers speak for themselves. Thanks to Digital Chapter's efforts, my business has experienced substantial growth and an increase in revenue. Overall, my experience with Digital Chapter has been outstanding, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for reliable and effective digital marketing solutions. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive, and genuinely cares about their clients' success. Thank you, Digital Chapter, for all your hard work and dedication to my business's growth." - Prior Store - Founder, Tony Kang.

In a nutshell…

While Prior's account performed well for branded keywords, our optimisations provided a strong foundation to help scale and compete in a highly competitive market. By restructuring campaigns, focusing on profitable non-branded keywords, and segmenting product groups within the shopping campaigns, we not only improved ROI but also attracted new customers to their online store. This transformation positioned the client for future growth and competitiveness across New Zealand and their expansion to Australia.


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Schedule a call today, let's start scaling!

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